Welcome To Sushrut Proctology

The “Sushrut Proctology Association” represents the socioeconomic, political, scientific, ethical & professional interest of Ayurveda Proctologist of India.

Welcome to the group of Ayurveda Proctologists. At the time that I am writing this, this group is still to be borne. This umbrella , that will keep us together as a group and which will protect us in our journey to improve ourselves and serve the society better is named the “Sushrut Proctology Association”

We as a group, pledge to stay together, to constantly update our knowledge, to constantly better our skills, to never forget our rich heritage of Ayurveda and to serve the society by providing the best medical/surgical guidance & facilities in the field of Ano-rectal Diseases.

The “Sushrut Proctology Association” is a small group consisting of (at present) only the Ayurveda Proctologists of Gujarat. However, we plan to bring Ayurveda Proctologists of the whole country under this umbrella, as soon as possible.

Our Objectives

  • To create a well organized body of all Ayurveda Proctologist.
  • To Identify and collectively solve all legal & medico legal problems faced by Ayurvedic Ano-Rectal practitioners.
  • To share knowledge & skills with each other.
  • To organize seminars, workshops, updates etc.
  • To inspire / help / support students and new practitioner of the field.
  • To conduct diagnostic camps especially in rural / tribal areas to provide the best treatment options to the under privileged people of the society.
  • To promote Kshar-sutra and other modes of treatment of Ayurveda ( Ano-Rectal field )
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Download and mail us on: sushrutproctology@gmail.com

After the success of our 5th Annual Conference, held in Surat - PROCTOCON 2018, we are now glad to announce our 6th Annual Conference-PROCTOCON 2019 to be held in Jaipur.

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In the process of joining hands we will not only increase our collective strength, but also our individual strength, with the help of which we will establish a national network of qualified, skill and well informed Ayurveda Proctologists.